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Pryda star answers all comers on September 10th

From the chart-topping hit that he hates mentioning (it's 'Call On Me', shhh), to his on-going stadium-filling tours as Pryda, Swede Eric Prydz is one of the biggest in the game. He was even knocking off balls-to-the-wall techno, under his Cirez D, years before Deadmau5 got a sniff of Richie Hawtin and dancefloor credibility.

So, between the two ears that have engineered this shape-shifting parade of influence sits the brain of a man with a wealth of knowledge and potential advice. Wouldn't you like to ask him a question?

Yes, of course it was a rhetorical question we answer to your own rhetorical reply. Well, lucky you because Mr Prydz is taking to Reddit on September 10th for one of the site's famous AMA session, live and direct from WantMedia's brand new studio.

Call on Eric at 3pm PST. Get your thinking caps on.