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Fila the Wu Tang Clan footwear style...

The Wu Tang Clan have laid down their mikes, just for a little while, to beget a limited edition pair of kicks with heritage brand Fila.
Typical of the rumbustious WTC, they are saying it like it is and have rudely named their sneaker C.R.E.A.M after their notorious 'Cash Rules Everything Around Me' track.
Warning. These beauties sold out in a couple of days flat in the States, so you might be super lucky to get your grubby mits on a pair. But as ever, we advice that it's worth a try. If fashion is about anything darlings, it's almost certainly about the pain.

Coming with the famous W logo and in a whole range of colourways – we say yay to the jet black with patent yellow and cream strip around the heel. Dang the Clan!