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Available as VST, AU, and AAX

Eventide have been one of the biggest players in studio hardware for decades. Their gear can be heard on nearly every major record known to man — they make serious products. It was hard not to get excited about the release of a plug-in version of one of their hardware multi effects units.

The original H3000 is a legend in the history of effect units. It’s in every major studio around the world, and is one of the most successful and highly used multi effects units ever produced. Heard on thousands of tracks from the '80s to this day, the H3000 is respected by many top engineers as the be-all-and-end-all of FX units. It can be used on anything and everything and has a sound quality that is just phenomenal. This same versatility is exactly replicated in the software version of this very popular piece of kit.

The sound of the H3000 plug-in is a dream. From soft unassuming FX to aggressive all-out monsters, this plug-in does it all. The H3000 is a software effects unit that combines pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a modular interface. It features over 450 presets (so producers shouldn’t be stuck for a bit of inspiration), including over 100 artist presets and over 100 original presets from the original H3000. It can be used at the most basic of levels by just selecting a preset to apply to the audio, and the result is very pleasing, but for the more adventurous, the H3000 can be programmed to create some really stunning results. Due to it being a modular effects unit, all the major parameters can be routed to other parameters for added sound manipulation.

There are a variety of filter types that are selectable, which can be applied to audio. Without getting too technical, the easiest way to describe this plug-in is as a must-have!

Plug-in name: H3000 Factory

Developer: Eventide

Format: VST, AU, and AAX

Price: £279