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Gear up for Getter’s GNARtillery tour

An abstract herald of underground bass culture, Getter has been taking over stages across the US since 2010, beginning his DJ career at 17. Today, Getter has become known for ignoring trends and cutting his own path with ripping, guttural synths and a sprinkling of melody. With the support of Firepower Records’ label boss Datsik, Getter is about to get even better as he kicks off his own GNARtillery headlining tour May 10. 

DJ Mag has the exclusive download for Getter’s tour mix followed by a head to head with the man himself, after the jump.

DJM: Describe your sound at this moment in one sentence.
Getter: Angry animals with laser guns.

What is the best part about releasing music on Firepower?
Not only is it the family-like treatment you get from the label bosses or the promo they give your release, the best part is that they have no standard for new artists. If you have 100k or more fans or zero fans, as long as it's good music, they will release it.

What can audiences expect from your live show in this tour?
I mean, its gotten to the point now that people know or have an idea of what music I play and what goes down. There are always crazy mosh pits and more, but now, for the first time, I’m in complete control of my own shows/tour. I'm going to make the shows very interesting, whether its giveaways, jokes, contests, me jumping into the mosh pit, or even brand new tunes from my new album, you can definitely expect this tour to be one of a kind.

What is the best advice you ever got from an artist? From whom?
Well, production wise, I used to live with one of the members of Terravita, and I just got constant tips and advice from him because he’s been in the game for awhile. Also, I remember I was on a Skype call with Barely Alive one day, asking about sound design and stuff. They simply said that I was overthinking my production techniques and sound design. I needed to take a step back and go in at a different, more simple angle, and it worked without a doubt!

Craziest experience on tour? Be it fan stalker or stage mishaps? Share...
Besides the everyday crazy fans on tour, probably this crazy stage dive from the most recent tour. We played a giant show in Syracuse, New York. Datsik always plays one remix of mine every gig and we plan my stage diving at the drop. So, as usual, he told me to do so, but about 10 min before, I found out there was about a 6-foot gap I had to jump to get in the crowd, but I couldn't let the crowd be disappointed! Oh, and before I go any further, it was snowing outside and I had converse on, so you could imagine how slippery and wet my feet were. Anyway, the build up starts and I run to center stage and get the crowd hyped to catch me. I ran, full speed and jumped off a super high speaker. BUT, like I said, my feet were slippery, so I got no bounce and no traction on the speaker. I basically just fell into the front gate and the kids in the front of the crowd. I had the biggest bruise of my life after that but so worth it.

What are you most excited for this summer?
Honestly, I can't get into it that much, but for the past eight-nine months I’ve been working my ass off in my studio making this new, full-length album. That’s probably what I’m most excited for. I'm stoked to tour and play shows and have new shirts and collabs and this and that, but this album is my best work so far. I’ve put my whole heart into it and hit it at every angle to make sure it's perfect. Keep your eyes peeled.