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Of Phil Kieran & Green Velvet's 'Birds & Bees'

Originally released on the 22nd of July, 'Birds & Bees' pits Belfast techno head Phil Kieran against Chicago legend Green Velvet.

While it's difficult to improve upon that pairing, DJ Mag now have an exclusive remix from Canadian Marc Houle for you to download absolutely free. We could bang on about how good it is but a) you can get it for yourself below and b) Marc has done us the service of giving us his own take on being asked to get involved.

“What can I say? These two guys are magic together. This is the second remix I did for the duo - the last one being their Michael Jackson track.

“When Phil sent over the track for me to hear I immediately heard my remix in my head and so I asked him to send over the parts so I could do my version of it. The next day he sent over all the stems and I had it finished almost immediately. I just love how the synths make bird and bee sounds and the vocals are so simple but so good.”

If you like this, you can grab the original track here while Marc has a new collaborative EP with Click Box coming out on Items & Things