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Carl Cox mixes Yousef's 'In The Process of Eight'

For a dance producer, the album can be a tricky medium, with easy criticism being that it’s a collection of individual tracks rather than a record that takes you on a journey.

But this obviously doesn’t apply to Yousef, since Carl Cox was so taken with the Circus Recordings overlord’s ‘In The Process of Eight’ that he started mixing it without warning, mailing him to say that he loved the album so much and “got it”, respecting that it “wasn’t just a series of DJ beats."

“I wanted to feel the journey of all the music made to make more sense of what has been created by the man himself, Yousef,” the veteran DJ said.

The Liverpudlian house don’s album, out now on Circus, is packed full of surefire club weapons, flitting through modern tech house to Balearic stylings on its 12 tracks, and the expertly mixed selection shows it at its best.

Listen to the mix exclusively now right here or via the DJ mag Soundcloud.


Yousef & The Angel ‘Float Away’
Yousef feat Erica Thompson ‘Pleasure Defined’
Yousef & Bontan feat The Angel ‘Believe’
Yousef feat Kieran Fowkes ‘Let Go’
Yousef & Reboot ‘Renaissance’
Yousef feat Jordan Leser ‘Every Moment’
Yousef ‘Come Home’
Yousef ‘Bah’
Yousef & Under ‘I Need You’
Yousef ‘Wannabee’
Yousef ‘Touch Me