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We catch up with Digital Delight/Sultry Vibes boss Sishi Rosch

The musical feast that is BPM Festival helped us to catch up with lots of up-coming acts who had been on our radar for some time, but one of the highlights was undoubtedly the Digital Delight label party.

Run by Sishi Rosch, alongside label partner Diego Moreno, the Guatemalan-born, US-raised, Spanish-based producer (with Italian and German parents to make thing a little more interesting), had already wowed us with his stunning remix of 'Belebtchlamm' by Alixander III (of Azari & III fame), as well as releases for the likes of Get the Curse and his second Sultry Vibes label.

With forthcoming releases for Exploited, Jackmode and his own Digital Delight label, and a remix of Climbers on Electronique, we caught up with Sishi to find out about his '90s leaning 'ghetto house' sound.

In return he's done us an exclusive DJ mix, plus given us a brand new track, 'The Black Room', to download absolutely free. Playa! (In more ways that one as you'll find out....).

Your bio says it was only a soccer injury that led your life down the path that you're following now. How successful a player were you when you got injured? Do you still follow football and if so, who do you support?

“I guess that's just the way life is… funny. I have always loved music since I was a young child and when I couldn't play soccer anymore, I turned to my second passion, music. I guess I was a pretty decent player, or at least that's what everyone used to tell me! I was playing semi-pro at the time that I got injured, so that is really what bothers me, I was really close to being where I wanted to be. I definitely gave it my all and that's all that matters in the end. Unfortunately, I couldn't do it any longer, even when I had a lot of tempting offers from universities and club teams to go play for them. I'm a huge Italy fan! (If I wasn't, my family would probably kill me). Definitely my favourite team in the world is Juventus. They have been going through some rough times in the last few years, but they will always be my No.1.”

Although you started DJing in the States, it seems things started to happen for you in Barcelona. How important was the after party culture there in helping to shape your sound? Was it an eye-opener after the stricter opening hours of the States?

“Absolutely. When I got to Barcelona, I was so mesmerized with the electronic music culture. It opened my eyes in so many ways to be honest with you. I have met so many amazing people in after-parties and parties here, it definitely has helped me develop myself as an artist and as a label owner. The music and overall vibe here in Europe is completely different than that of the US. During the last seven years that I have lived here, this city has left an enormous imprint inside of me that I truly love. The US will always have a very special place in my heart though, that's where it all started for me.”

Facebook describes your sound as 'Ghetto House' and 'Bump n' Grind'. What makes this different, say, from the similarly deep, dark sound of Hot Natured?

“I guess that's the best way to describe the sound of my productions nowadays. In all honesty, Im trying to stay away from this whole 'Gangsta” movement that is currently happening in house music and that everyone identifies me with. I'm pretty bored of it. I'm focusing more on the raw sound of house music that was being played in the '90s. At the end of the day, I make all kinds of house music, some freakier than others, some slower than others. I wouldn't exactly compare my music to Hot Natured/ I really like and respect Hot Natured's sound, but I always try to sound different than others.”

Can you outline the vibe and main artists of the two labels that you're part of, Digital Delight and Sultry Vibes?

“Both labels are completely different than the other. Digital Delight is focused more on that 'sleazy, romantic, sexy' kind of house, while Sultry Vibes focuses more on the 'after-hours' vibe, a bit more freakier and more experimental sound. Both labels are influenced by hip-hop elements as well”

“The main artists on both labels are Diego Moreno, Miguel Puente, Damian Uzabiaga, Lee Webster, Andre Salmon, DeMarzo, WiLDKATS and myself, but we have lots of other friends who are currently collaborating with us too.”

Mr. Nice Guy, who you've also released on, draws from similar influences as Digital Delight. Are there any other artists or labels we should watch out for in the same vein?

“Mr. Nice Guy is definitely one of my favorite labels at the moment. I respect and dig the fact that they push a sound that is different than the current 'hype'. Jesse Perez is a real good friend of mine and have to say that he is def a talented DJ/Producer.”

You're also part of two DJ/productions duo, Puente & Rosch and Leroy 'Big L' Brown. Is there any difference in the sound of these partnerships or did they simply grow out of jamming in the studio?

“They both sprung out of jamming in the studio, even though they are both completely different. Miguel Puente & Jesse Perez are probably among my favorite producers out there. The fact that I have a project with both of them just makes me happy. I have an enormous amount of respect for these two guys, and working with both of them is really great. I have a connection with these guys, and it's a joy to work and DJ together.”

After studying for a business degree before you launched your labels, what are the three tips you'd give to DJs making their first venture into production on how to launch a successful label in such a crowded marketplace?

1. Be Yourself.
2. Never Quit.
3. Have Passion for it.

What are the top three '90s hip-hop tunes that still inspire you?

“In no particular order:”

Eazy-E - 'Sippin On A 40'

Bell Biv Devoe - 'Poison'

And a bit older... Zapp & Roger - 'So Ruff So Tuff' (bit older)

“Have had these track on repeat for years… simply great jamz.”

When can we catch you in the coming months, both in the UK and Europe, and what new releases do you have coming up?

“I'm going to be playing in Paris, then Miami followed by a possible US west-coast tour after WMC, London and some other cities.

“As for releases, I have a track coming out on Exploited Records from Berlin and another one for Jackmode from Berlin as well. Also an EP on Digital Delight, which I have been keeping under wraps for quite a while and was waiting for the right time to release, soon… I want to focus more on my labels this year and try to be as exclusive as I can.”

Check out Sishi's exclusive DJ mix for DJ Mag below, plus download his brand new track, 'The Black Room'.

1. Ollie Gibson & Andrew Brown - Lightfall (Luis Leon Remix)
2. Tom Demac - Dirty Honey (Original Mix)
3. Andre Salmon & Chris C. - Orly (Original Mix)
4. Ellen Allien - The Kiss (Jesse Perez Remix)
5. Sishi Rosch - Movedatass (Original Mix)
6. Leroy "Big L" Brown - The Just Want That Dick (Original Mix)
7. DJ Le Roi - I Feel Like Home (Original Mix)
8. Sishi Rosch - Badboi (Original Mix)
9. Sishi Rosch - Compton '88 (Original Mix)
10. Jovonn - Jump Off (Original Mix)
11. Unknown Artist - Music Is The Way (Original Mix)
12. FPI Project - Yo Yo Get Funky (Edit)
13. Shea Burke - Dave The Rave (Original Mix)