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Plus listen to an exclusive mix by the m-nus signed star.

Fast rising techno star Fabio Florido mixed an exclusive set for DJ Mag this week, ahead of his performance at Sonus Festival in Pag Island, Croatia, later this month. 

In the lead up to the popular festival, we sat down with the M-nus signed star, to talk his top five tunes from Richie Hawtin's ubiquitous techno imprint. 

Sonus Festival runs 16th to 20th August in Pag Island, Croatia.

More details and tickets for Sonus Festival here.  


Whyt Noyz 'Dope She'
"'Dope She' from Whyt Noyz is probably one of my favourites. I remember the first time I listened to it I was dancing in Space at ENTER. and Richie was playing. The frequencies of this piece and the dark/power of the buildings made me go totally crazy!"

Sebastian Mullaert 'Genome' (Dub Mix0
"This is a minimal train that I could listen to or play for hours. I think this is one of my most played tracks since it was released last year."

Matador 'Zoles'
"Dark, deep and techno enough to make me vibrate, even now three years after its release. That ghost synth going up and down, in and out touches my senses."

 4Yo4U 'Daily Faces'
"Another minimal piece that is stored in my mind and will never go old. I listened to it for the first time at Weekend Club in Berlin at the end of a six hour set from Richie. Everyone went crazy."

Asher Perkins 'It's Fucking Bumping In Here, Dude' 
"This was released last week and it's already one of my favourites. Important bass and crazy minimal world behind it. Perfect to make everyone jump and smile."