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Fabric's Sanjeev Bhardwarj

Can't Live Without His... Vestax PDX-3000 Turntables.

"Fabric is a high level club, we've got close to 30 turntables in the club and we have to have the best equipment available - our reputation is everything.

"The feature set on the PDX-3000 is brilliant. They feel like quality, are heavier and more solid while the new black colour scheme looks great.

"When overseas techno DJs come to the club they require large pitch adjustments and the PDXs offer this as standard. If you start the same track on two PDXs, the pitch won't wave in and out and it'll keep tight.

"I love the pop-up light. If this fails on some of the other turntable brands you have to take the whole deck apart, but not with the PDXs, it's just a simple change.

"Both myself and the owner of Fabric are big fans and when Fabric first opened everything was Vestax. I even have them at home - that's how much I love them."