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Win Lethal Bizzle's own hoodie signed.

Calling all Lethal Bizzle fans!

We asked Lethal Bizzle to sign and hand over one of his own hoodies just for you dear readers. This is the very one he wore on his recent tour of the UK. We didn't ask any questions about personal hygiene but it looks to be in quite good nick.

This is your chance to win a fabulous item, a collectible piece and rather special for any fan or enthusiast we think.

As well as his new single 'The Come Up' and a forthcoming collaboration with Kate Nash 'Look What You've Done' Lethal Bizzle has amalgamated with the UKs first free mobile network for 16-24 year olds entitled Blyk,

"I'm really excited to widen my network of fans and keep in contact with them through Blyk mobile, my fans are so tech savvy that even social networking is old news to them! I can't wait to release 'The Come Up' with Blyk too, it means I can reward my biggest fans by offering it to them first."

To join, text BIZZLE to 82595.

For a chance to acquire his hoodie, send us a postcard addressed to Fan Base, DJ Magazine, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6AW, or sling us an email to