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R&B star booted off Daft Punk single in favour of golden oldie

As Daft Punk mania continues to grip all and sundry, every man and his dog wants a slice of French funk from those retro-future robo-rockers.

Unless you've been trapped inside computer software for the past few weeks, no doubt you'll have heard about the release of first single 'Get Lucky feat Pharrell Williams & Nile Rogers' yesterday. Cyber equivalents of an ostrich can check the video below. Buy it here.

However, in a bizarre turn of events, the endlessly swarming stratosphere of information we call the internet has coughed up another curve ball in an ongoing saga rapidly becoming the “EDM” equivalent of Star Wars. It appears N.E.R.D-turned-Billionaire-Boy Pharrell has been kicked off the original track in favour of geeky '80s soul legend Rick Astley on a leak guarranteed to shock electronic music lovers across the globe...

Okay, Okay! Obviously it's a fake. But worth a giggle nontheless. Listen/download below...