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Justin Martin & Eats Everything team up for Feather Fight EP

DJ Mag's Best of British label of 2012 Hypercolour dropped gargantuan collaboration from Dirtybird duo Justin Martin and Eats Everything last week.

Entitled 'Feather Fight', you can forget pillows. These beats hit harder than sack of bricks.

It's no fairy tale bedtime story either, more like Jekyl and Hyde, these two nasty beats contrast nicely. The title track is a filthy garage-house that's as much Dan Eats' as it is Justin's, making it an oddball bass beefcake, the weird ugly duckling lovechild of two Dirtybirds, while ‘Harpy’ offers more house but with acidic builds ripped from a jungle tune.

Out now, but 'Feather Fight' HERE


Words: David Sullivan