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Fedde Le Grand's TGBCharity tracks downloaded more than 1 million times

BBIN donates $90,000 to Top 100 DJs Foundation...

Earlier this year, Fedde Le Grand teamed up with BBIN and DJ Mag to create The Gaming Beat Charity (TGB Charity).

Le Grand produced three fresh and exclusive tracks which were made available for free download. Over 1.2 million copies were downloaded across a three month period, smashing the charity target of 1 million.

As a result, BBIN have made a generous donation of $90,000 to the Top 100 DJs Foundation, who will use the funds to support the crucial work of charities including UNICEF, Lymph & Co and Ocean Clean Up.

The three-month campaign, which was inspired by the FIFA World Cup, was launched in May. At the beginning of each month, Fedde dropped a new exclusive track on TGB Charity website.

The first giveaway, ‘The Gaming Beat Feat. Kris Kiss’, reached over 400,000 downloads globally in a single month.

Boosted by the release of the second track ‘You Lift Me Up’ in June, the total download count broke through 750,000 within the month.

Invoking the global celebration that was the FIFA World Cup ‘Scream Out Loud’ helped to reach the 1 million downloads target a week earlier than expected.

Following the campaign conclusion, Fedde Le Grand will now officially release all three tracks, with all proceeds going to the Top 100 DJs Foundation.

Find out more at TGB Charity website.