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Feelin' the vibe?

Vibe Sundays Bank Holiday Special

With Bank Holiday Weekend promising more fun-time than a trip to Peter Pan's Playground, having to choose which party is enough to make us bury ourselves in a ball pond – and stay there.

That's why the best options are often the most simple. Slap bang in the middle of Brick Lane at Vibe, Shoreditch's most recognised bar, Vibe Sundays is an absolute no brainer. Easy to find, cheap and guaranteed to be rammed to the rafters with raucous ravers from 3pm to 3am. The music ain't gonna be bad either.

Get Physical's deep house dame Adeline will take to the booth alongside Jonny Cade, who's delivered goods to the likes of 2020 Vision, Leftroom and Black Key. Extra weight will be added by House Headz resident Norris Windross, Anoima Recordings/Trackside Audio's Josef Lupo, JNR Windross and Steve Taylor, plus our very own Adam Saville will be found playing b2b with Be Part of It's Rob Bishop (5pm-7pm).

VIBE SUNDAYS presents Bank Holiday Sunday Special

Sunday 26th August

Vibe Bar, Brick Lane


£5 B4 5pm


Adeline [Get Physical]

Jonny Cade [2020Vision/Leftroom]

Norris Windross

Josef Lupo [Tokyo on Acid / Kumasi Music]

Jn Windross

Steve Taylor

Rob Bishop [Be Part of It]