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Fit and she knows it!

Numark rack up iPods with their new player.

Fit for sound is the name of the latest permutation of the DJ deck from Numark. The 19" rack format player features a front loading universal dock for all generations of iPods.
  • Full transport and menu controls plus XLR/RCA outputs make it a convenient way to incorporate iPod playback into any mobile DJ rig.
  • FitFor Sound will go for around £299 when it hits the stores in the new year. Specifications include
  • Large transport controls and selection wheel
  • XLR balanced and RCA (x2) unbalanced outputs
  • 19" rack-mountable design
  • Infrared remote control with lanyard
  • Large, easy-to-use navigation buttons
  • Solid steel, industrial construction

    See the Numark Website for full details