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Grab a pair of Flare Audio's new headphones now!

Flare Audio have successfully managed to smash their Kickstarter target on their new range of headphones. DJ Mag have been lucky to test out the pre production versions over the last few weeks and we can tell you the sound is amazing, the R2 PROs are tiny but the sound that they kick out is huge!!! The sound field is unbelievable from these in-ear headphones but thats only to be expected from a company like Flare.

Just in case you want to get in on the action there is still time to grab a pair of the R2 PRO or other headphones that formed part of the Kickstarter campaign, at the reduced Kickstarter price.

With their accurate sound reproduction the new R2 PROs are ideal for DJ’s and Producers to listen to their tracks or mixes in hi-definition sound. The R2Pros are made from solid Grade 5 titanium and offer a warm deep bass and full punchy sound which is quite deceptive considering the size of these in-ear monitors. The more I use them the more I have taken to these in-ear phones, I have tested them out over a number of musical genres and driven these phones loud and yet the clarity of sound is amazing no distortion at all.

Check out the Flare Audio Kickstarter Campaign in order to enjoy the last few days of this incredible offer.