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Flying Lotus UK tour finale

LA beat scientist unleashes his psychedelic funk in London

Despite having Lapalux and Thundercat in support, the snaking queues outside the Troxy in East London when we arrive half an hour before Flying Lotus' advertised set time show that most people are only here for one thing. Indeed, when we're stripping off our jackets in the art deco interior of the suitably grand venue, there's still plenty of space to move around and pick our spot.

An hour later, hanging over the top balcony in front of the booths which give a cosy elevated view of the now squeezed in throng below, we're well warmed up from DJ Kutmah dropping joints by Hudson Mohawke, Genius & GZA and Actress as LA beat scientist FlyLo takes to the stage, high-fiving the front row as he goes and hyping the crowd.

With a thin gauze in front and behind him, his 'DMT Song' captures the visual and sonic psychedelia of the night, spider's webs flying out towards us before dissipating and reforming into other swirling patterns and shapes, images of a man dancing emerging from the short film that accompanied recent Warp Records opus, 'Until The Quiet Comes'.

“I'm gonna play some UK shit”, he announces dropping a grime track that sendw a ripple of activity through the crowd and he continues to pepper his performance with tracks from like-minded, unparalleled personalities, from Amon Tobin's latest Two Fingers project to Africa Hitech's ubiquitous 'Out In The Streets'.

As lithe and expressive in person as through the music he projects, it sadly marks the end of his UK tour. So even with a frenzied encore when we join the bodies on the groundfloor below, eventually the quiet has to come...