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Free course samples and free plugin from Point Blank!

Get your free samples here.

Point Blank are always looking for ways to say thank you to our online audience and give you extra freebies to help you make amazing music. We’ve already created NINE free plugins for you to use with your Ableton Live projects and we’re proud to announce our 10th and best yet – the Funky Arp. 

The Funky Arp is designed to go beyond the usual functions of the built-in Ableton Live Arpeggiator device. Offering individual randomisation parameters for multiple rates, the arpeggiator can create a completely new pattern every time the notes cycle around. This means it’s incredibly powerful for coming up with new ideas and can break your track out from being stuck in the usual 16- or 32-bar loop. 

If you want to learn more about compositional tools and techniques, our Electronic Music Composition module – part of our Ableton Live Certificate course looks at expanding your musical skills and combining the modern plugin tools available with classic songwriting theory. Find out more about our Ableton Live Certificate here.