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Free Lenny Kravitz Remix!

Absolut Vodka has gathered a host of talented DJs and dance music producers to remix Lenny Kravitz. Download Ashley Beedle's remix for free, and watch the video!

Video: Press Play

Ashley Beedle Vs Kravitz (please wait)

Words: Terry Church

Vodka producer Absolut has gathered 10 of the world's most innovative dance music producers and DJs to remix Lenny Kravitz, and you can download the special remixes for free.

Kravitz' track 'Breathe' has been reworked by an assortment of producers representing different dance genres: Little Louie Vega from the US, Ashley Beedle from the UK, Wang Lei from China, Latinsizer (Pepe Mogt) from Mexico, Nikko Patrelakis from Greece, Chromeo from Canada, and a host of other

One cool mofo: Kravitz

talented producers have remixed the track.

None of the remixes are for sale, but are available to download for free from Absolut's website.

On the right is the video for Ashley Beedle's re-interpretation (click play to watch it) – it's a cool soulful house number.

As well as remixing Kravitz, Beedle has been busy in the studio producing an X-Press 2 album.

"The X-Press 2 album is finally complete, and we are really happy with it," he revealed. "We'll be going out live this summer to support it at festivals - we'll be at the Big Chill on the main stage."

Download his remix for free at