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Four VIP tracks to destroy dancefloors

Self-identifying as, 'Just a kid with big hair that loves to make all kinds of music and share his love for music in the clubs', Rotterdam's Munchi was one of the pioneers of moombahton (duh, everyone knew that) and apparently invented its rougher cousin, moombahcore (OK, we read that on Wikipedia so don't sue us if we're wrong, just call us lazy). He also provided a track for hyped rapper Azealia Bank on her 'Fantasea' mixtape.

Now he's released a brand new four track EP of VIP remixes for you to download free. We could give you a load of blurb about it, but why dance about architecture when even the man himself topped his own long description with this:

“BAM! Guess what, I'm dropping a new free EP! That means that you get to skip a whole paragraph of shit that you really don't want to read and go directly to the download right under it!!”

So download it here and let the music do all the talking you need.