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Free Music

From Kenton Slash Demon, Shit Robot and Ali Love

Every once in a while, Santa Claus decides to make an appearance in our inboxes bearing free mp3s for all the girls and boys on his nice list, and today if appears as if everyone is on that list, even you (we know about that thing you did over the weekend, and we are not pleased).

The first track we’ve got for you is from the Danish weirdo-house duo Kenton Slash Demon, also known as one half of the indietronic group When Saints Go Machine. It’s their track ‘SUN,’ as remixed by Portable AKA Bodycode, and it seems almost like a dub mix of the original. It’s light on vocals, but it does feature the word “Sun” spoken over and over by a voice that sounds like it’s speaking backwards, but it can’t be since he’s speaking forwards, and then while you’re figuring how they made the guy’s voice sounds like it does you’ll have started dancing in your seat without realizing it, drawing the ire and mockery of your office mates. Or maybe that’s just what happened to me. Either way, you can find it here.

Next is the TBD remix of  ‘I Found Love’ by Shit Robot, whose upcoming album From The Cradle To The Rave is excellent. The track we’ve got for you is mesmerizing, with the original’s vocals chopped to a percussive effect and a bassline lifted right out of Wild Cherry's book. Get the definitely not shit remix here.

The third track is the Bottin remix to Ali Love’s ‘Smoke & Mirrors,’ a slab of synth-pop perfection, awash with keyboard chords and Ali’s sultry vocals and a funky talk box breakdown where Love brags, “Reality means nothing to me.” Us neither, mate. Alls we can really be sure of is that you can click here for a download.