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Freewheeling with the Infadels!

There may be no such thing as a free lunch but thanks to The Infadels there is a free bus!

With the impending credit crunch, something for nothing really is the ultimate luxury and with Oxford Street being the home of spending it seems a fitting place to let rip some old school free stuff.

To celebrate The Infadels new single, 'Free Things For Poor People', on Tuesday the 16th June they will be running a Routemaster up and down the entire length of Britain's busiest shopping district from 12pm to 5pm, just look out for the FREE LIFTS bus stops along the way.

As well as allowing your feet to take a back seat your ears are also invited to relax a little with a new concept in street entertainment, the reverse busk. Not quite as extreme as the reverse bungee, reverse busking entails the Infadels playing for you while giving you the chance of winning actual cash!

On top of the bus service and the money there will also be guest bus conductors, tombolas, raffles and free prizes.

Take a listen at:

Single 'Free Things For Poor People' - 16/6/08 Album 'Universe In Reverse' – 23/6/08