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Fresh Kicks 96: Krotone

Bass, garage and techno belters from Leeds' emerging talent Krotone...

Krotone’s sound is a fiery fusion of UK bass, garage, grime and techno. Having spent the past decade becoming increasingly obsessed with the history of everything from drum & bass and hardcore to dubstep and breaks, the Leeds-based DJ has cultivated a mixing technique and production style that doesn’t so much blend his inspirations, but smashes them together in an explosive and irresistibly kinetic fashion.

“It's good to take in what you've heard over the years and put it into your own sound,” he tells DJ Mag. “Your experiences are what makes you have your own thing!”

That outlook toward production has found Krotone releasing on label’s such as former Fresh Kicks selector Ganesa’s Jelly Bean Farm. The ‘Bubbles’ EP – released in December 2018 – is a rich and warped four tracker that wields the same bassy eclecticism of UK labels like Hyperdub, Timedance and Keysound alongside the percussive backbone popular among emerging artists like those in the Par Avion crew.

Having recently moved into a fully hardware-focussed set up, and launching his own label, 2019 is shaping up to be a breakthrough year for Krotone.

“[I’ll be] working with the legendary DPR label,” he tells us. “And there's a tune for a compilation on Circular Jaw coming up to. There’s a couple of remixes I'm working on and another vinyl release on my own imprint! Also playing out more.”

For his Fresh Kicks mix Krotone has dished up 90 minutes of fierce bass, garage and techno with cuts from Martyn, Marquis Hawkes and others as well as whole mess of his own productions. Check it out below.

Last track that blew your mind?
“Tough one, but in terms of mind-blowing business probably Djrum’s ‘Untitled 9’. Managed to cop the first press, that tune will always blow my mind”

Last film you watched?
"Big Trouble in Little China. Quality film”

Last DJ that blew your mind?
“Pangaea. Went off at Subdub x Hessle Audio”

Favourite album to relax to?
“Massive Attack ‘Protection’

Favourite producer?
“Has to be the Leeds man himself Paul Woolford! Heard ‘Erotic Discourse’ when I was 13 and been a huge fan since including all the special request material. Never disappoints”

What record is top of your wishlist?
“KMA Productions ‘Cape Fear’ – A decent copy!”

Who would you most like to play b2b with?
“Or:la. Seen her down at my local, Wire” 


Babe Roots & Another Channel - Money Run Things 
Al Wooton - Selah 
Krotone - Club Scene 
DJ Perception - Your Love Baby
Melrose & Fabin - Sunshine
Krotone - Burning 
Krotone - Dreaming 
Joystick - listen 
Marquis hawkes - Don't U
Krotone - Forefront 
Krotone - Hazy 
Trp - Leap In The Dark 
Krotone - Steps of change 
Martyn - Everything is new 
Blunt Instruments - Dark Chamber
Krotone - Every Time
Krotone - Got To 
Pugilist - Reformation 
Krotone - This One 
Dj deep - La Grande Brasserie 2e Service 
Dawn Razor - Acid Funk 
Krotone - Life I Chose 
Krotone - LS6 
Krotone - Symptoms 
Trevino - After The Rain