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From Kyle Hall, Huxley and Deetron

When Will Saul dropped 'Getting Closer' LP onto !K7 under his new Close moniker this summer we gave it 9/10 and said this:

“It sounds remarkably lonely, as if Saul has been spending more nocturnal hours pondering heartbreak in his bedroom than loved-up in clubs... one thing it's definitely not missing is soul.”

Featuring the sombre vocals of Fink, 'Wallflower' was one track that typified the album's overall lonesome sense of gloom, despite its creator having a collection of collaborators — Joe Duki, Fink, Charlene Soria, Scuba — for company.

With the remix package, however, he's been re-ingratiated into the clubby territory we know him for as DJ and boss of Aus Music, the label that's brought the world classy cuts from George Fitzgerald, Dusky and Bicep. 

Kyle Hall, Huxley and Deetron all give different, but dancier, takes on the 'Wallflower' formula, although the melancholic overtones of the original remain on each. Plus there's a bonus mix from Quantum Entanglement (Fink & Lee Jones).

Have a sneaky listen below before it's released on 14th October.