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New artist delivers video

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Charles Murdoch has arrived on the UK scene with his own soothing take on ambient electronic music.

Murdoch's latest effort 'Dekire' is a  stripped-back, down tempo affair, along the productive vein of Jacques Green and worlds apart from his early jungle and house-inspired productions as a 17 year old. 

Featuring vocals from vocalist Oscar Key Sung, the track is to be the first release from his forthcoming 'Weathered Straight' EP, which promises to be a similarly surreal and beautiful listen.

The accompanying video for 'Dekire' fittingly poignant, featuring a sullen female silluhete seductively exhaling cigarette smoke amidst a classroom filled with swirling sheets of paper. This enigmatic picture provides a perfect accompaniment to the sombre tone of the track, which in itself showcases Murdoch's promising talent as a producer of his own contemplative, intricately-formed sound.