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Gabriel & Dresden's Video!

<font color="red">Watch!</font> Our exclusive video features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with US DJs Gabriel & Dresden!

Gabriel & Dresden video

Gabriel & Dresden…they're all about cheesy trance, right?

Wrong. The San Fran pair may have a dozen Billboard Club Play No.1 remixes under their belt, and their Motorcycle track 'When The Rush Comes' lifted the roof off every trance emporium from here to Kingdom Comes in 2004, but there's more to G&D than meets the eye.

When their self-titled debut album arrived at DJmag HQ, we were quite simply blown away.

It's not trance, but rather rocking, deep electronic music that stretches across many genres – electro house, techno, and chillout.

The LP, out now on their own Organized Nature label, is something of a bombshell, so flew to the States to accompany Gabriel & Dresden on a leg of their world tour.

We filmed the whole trip, and below you can watch our on-the-road documentary with the duo.

Part one was filmed in Detroit, Michigan, and features footage from the duo's gig at club Bleu, plus some interviews.

Part two was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and shows the boys' gig at Eleven50, with some insightful interviews that gives us some insight into the DJs' crazy lives.

There's a full feature with Gabriel & Dresden in the latest issue of DJmag.

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