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DJ Mag launches petition to get Brazilian DJs playing at finals

DJ Mag has just launched an online petition to try to persuade footballing authority FIFA to have some DJs playing at the World Cup in Brazil.

The initiative was brought about after hearing of the entertainment that's to be staged at the World Cup.

Ricky Martin, and J-Lo and Pitbull are reportedly performing at the festival of football. But despite Brazil's rich heritage of rhythms, there are no dance DJs playing at the event – yet.

The petition to FIFA and the Brazilian Football Confederation reads as follows: “Allow some Brazil-flavoured dance music at the World Cup Opening Ceremony, and/or Final. Eg. sets by Brazilian DJs such as Marky, Felguk, Anderson Noise or Gui Boratto, and Brazilophile Fatboy Slim.

It continues: “The country that brought the world samba music and bossa nova has a rich history of rhythm music. Many of Brazil's most popular sounds are designed for dancing, and it is a nation that responds to beats.

This should be reflected in the music acts that play at the Opening Ceremony of the World Cup — and/or just before the World Cup Final. At present, the main performances are scheduled to be by western pop acts — allegedly Ricky Martin, and J-Lo & Pitbull — who may be quite (ahem) uplifting in their own way, but are hardly representative of Brazil's current musical scene. With the various controversies surrounding the staging of this year's World Cup in Brazil, it's important that Brazilian beats are fully represented at the tournament events.”

To sign the petition, click here 

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