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Peru prepares for Inti Fest 2013 'Dance For The Planet'

Times have certainly changed. These days a cleverly conceived event with an ultra-chic line-up, stacked full of the coolest names of the “underground” universe, is just as likely to spring up at the arse-end of Timbuktu as on the streets of Shoreditch, so it's no surprise the next destination on adventurous dance addicts' wishlist is Peru – a land more associated with its Inca ruins, lush rain forestry and elaborately patterned rugs than its stock of decent dance music festivals.

Aside from the culturally rich world of exploration on offer, hardened house heads worldwide are currently eying up Inti Fest (Saturday 16th February), now in its fourth year. Located just outside Lima on the achingly gorgeous shores of Asia beach, the bill reels off everyone from '90s legend-still-in-the-game Josh Wink to the likes of Lee Burridge, Adultnapper, Clive Henry, Droog, Anthea and Reboot, among others.

Not only does it have a shit-hot line-up, it's green too. Installed with a conscientious approach to conservation and sustainability, the Inti Fest will be scattered generously with EcoArt – artwork produced through recycled materials – and 3R Market invites artists to supply ecological materials, while reusable cups and free drinks will be issued to those who return empty receptacles in a bid to keep the beach clean.

As well as celebrating the most fresh dance music has to offer, the festival also casts an eye over the musical heritage of Peru, drawing upon local dance talent – old and new – through the 4BeatsPeru project, while Nazca lines – the ancient, spiritual study of the basic elements of life via geometrical designs – will also be an aesthetic feature of the event. Certainly worth your Peru-sal (cringe).


Playa Asia, Peru | Saturday 16th February

1pm – 6am | £61

Adultnapper | Andrés Dyer | Anthea | 
Bill Patrick | Branko Bojovic | Cesar Merveille |
Clive Henry | Dan Berkson & James What | 
Denizer | Droog | Fausto Gaidolfi | Felipe Salmón |
Geddes | Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts | 
Jay Haze | Jose Elias Wated | JoseLuis Tapia | Josh Wink | Lee Burridge | Maayan Nidam |
Masomenos | Reboot | Rodrigo Villanueva