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From: Silesia, Poland

For Fans Of: Ground, Black Sabbath, Jenny Wilson

Three Tunes: ‘Hollow’, ‘Blind’, ‘Prisoner’

“It took me a good 10 years to develop my own musical style,” says Natalia Zamilska, the Silesian-born, globally informed producer from Poland whose new album ‘Uncovered’ is already one of this year’s most startling highlights. “When I was younger, I was often told that I should choose one music genre. I could never agree with that. I wanted to combine it all into one. That required hundreds of hours of work on my craft, but I cannot say that I created something unique. If I ever say that, I should end my career. There is nothing worse for an artist than to say, ‘It can’t be better’.”

2016’s ‘Undone’ and 2014’s ‘Untune’ marked the first two parts of a trilogy that ‘Uncovered’ completes. In the past few years, Zamilska has been picking up awards and commissions in Poland, as well as developing her own radio show and an intense touring schedule of gigs and festival appearances.

The music of ‘Uncovered’ is thrillingly unplaceable; there’s techno for sure, mirroring Zam’s work as a DJ, but there’s something ancient and geological about the way she laces her sounds together, something also informed by rock & roll, bass music, modern composition and sheer imagination.“I’m still searching; each of my albums is completely different from the previous one,” she insists. “I’m not stopping, not getting complacent. ‘Uncovered’ just saw the light of day but and I want to keep going and do something else, something different. When you are the seeker and a perfectionist type — you can’t stop.”

We wonder if the mining-region of Silesia might have had an impact on Zam’s subterranean sound. She’s, gratifyingly, having none of it. “Seriously. I have never thought about music I create in that way. Music has always been an opportunity for me to escape into a distant world — overcoming barriers, connecting and showing that there are many amazing cultures. Music is an ideal way for interplanetary agreement. Why settle anywhere anyway?”

What motivates Zamilska to produce a track, and when does she know it’s done? “I can’t make music without a purpose,” she says. “It must be something specific and based on emotions. Sometimes I feel that a big, emotional wave is coming. I need an outlet for all the emotions that accumulate inside of me. I sink into my state of being and think about how to transform it conceptually. Then, I sit in the studio and throw everything away. Sometimes this process takes a few days, sometimes a year or two… Here, we go back to my morbid perfectionism!” Let ‘Uncovered’ into your day and find it transformed.