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The DJ booth of the future

The Fusion Cube is a ground-breaking production concept developed by internationally-renowned dance music promoters Godskitchen and maverick production house 250k. Since its inception in 2011, The Fusion Cube has enjoyed phenomenal success and built its reputation as a dance music powerhouse from extensive touring worldwide. This summer Global Gathering is hosting the exclusive UK debut of The Fusion Cube at the Godskitchen arena.

What is the purpose and the idea behind the Fusion Cube?

Paul Hugo: “We wanted to give party goers an enhanced event experience. Our Godskitchen Boombox production raised the bar for large event productions; we really wanted to push things further. The idea was to embrace new technology (LED instead of projection), but to keep the same creative ethos, and create the ultimate immersive DJ performance.”

Where did the design idea for the Fusion Cube come from?

P: “The Fusion Cube is a creative collaboration between Godskitchen and 250K. After the success of the Godskitchen Boombox, the Fusion Cube was conceived and launched in December 2011. Since then it has been toured globally. The overall idea was to create an all-encapsulating live performance experience, and a real connection between the DJ and fans. We wanted to elevate the DJ but keep the audience connection.”

What is the Fusion Cube?

P: “It’s a landmark production representation of Godskitchen which we are now spreading over to Global Gathering. Both the Cube and the Boombox have raised the profile of Godskitchen worldwide, and now it’s being associated with inspired cutting-edge productions internationally. This year at Global Gathering it will be eight metres by eight metres.”

Carlo Ruijgers: “The impressive outer cube-shaped structure is constructed using over 130 lighting fixtures, over 460 metres of LED strips, upwards of 150 metres of LED screens, coupled together with innovative projection technology that combines state-of-the-art visuals with a myriad of special effects. The DJ booth is integrated within another internal cube, forming the unique design.”

Would it be an injustice to call the Fusion Cube a glorified stage?

P: “Ha, no, I suppose it’s actually a glorified DJ booth — but that’s what we wanted to create. The ultimate DJ booth. The design of the Cube means the DJ is close to the audience, which most DJs love to be, and also surrounded by an incredible light show. This ultimately creates a fully immersive show for the crowd, with the DJ right at the heart of it all. The shape of the Cube means the DJ is at the centre of the whole experience.”

Was this one of the ideas to create something that had a cohesive link with the event?

P: “We’ve enhanced the overall production standards at Global Gathering year on year. We all see creative production as an integral part of the festival experience today. It’s really not enough to just stick a DJ on a stage — a promoter needs to give the consumer an unforgettable experience. All across the Global Gathering site, we’re adding more production elements to really enhance every festival goer's experience. We’re very, very excited about the new developments this year, we’ve worked really hard to raise the bar for UK festivals and we reckon we’re going to give our audience one hell of an experience in 2013.”

How have the DJs taken to the Fusion Cube?

P: “The artists love performing in the Cube — they know it’s guaranteed to be a high quality production, and that it’ll enhance their fans' experience of their set. The show is quite organic, it has its own content but it’s not really programmed; that’s where the art of live VJing and lighting operation comes into its own. We have the best people possible to perform the show. We think it’s absolutely essential to have a ‘live’ experience, so the show can fully compliment the musical direction being created by the DJs. The DJs and their music choice lead the whole show.”

The Fusion Cube makes its UK debut this month — why has it not been used in the UK before?

P: “It hasn’t been practical to use the Cube at Global Gathering UK before this year. In previous years, Godskitchen has just hosted its own stage on one day of the show, and we need quite a long build time to get the Cube up (and take it down), but this year Godskitchen is hosting the stage on both Friday and Saturday at Long Marston, so we’re finally able to bring the full experience to the UK for the first time. On top of that, this year’s Global Gathering ‘Industrial Cubism’ theme means that the Fusion Cube is an ideal production addition.”