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Going For a Song

Win a chance to provide vocals on Gareth Emery's hot new track!

Ever wanted the chance to sing your heart out on the latest trance smash? Ever thought, 'I could do better than that, pass me the mic?' Been laying down vocals for ages but the right track has eluded you? This could be your lucky day. Trance overlord Gareth Emery's looking for a singer for his latest scorcher - and he wants YOU to get involved!

While there have been many contests for producers to show off their hot studio skills, it's notoriously difficult for vocalists to get a break. Emery's decided to hook up with DJmag for a new kind of competition, swinging the doors open to all budding vocalists out there to bring your distinctive style to what is currently an instrumental track in need of that special edge that a killer vocal can bring.

"The track's trancey but with a house edge, deep, with lots of melody, perfect for a vocal," described Emery.

What we want you to do is download the track for free from, and record your vocal idea over the top, as well as a separate a cappella so we can check out your pipes unadorned by the music, Pop Idol style!

Don't worry if your vocal recording isn't 100% professional - if we can hear talent in there, we'll get you in the studio to re-record it. Just make it sound as good as you can!
Male and female vocals are equally welcome, and how you choose to vocalise on the tune is up to you: whether you want to sing a full song you've written over the music, or just add your own individual vocal adlibs, vocoder voices - all that's fine. The vocal just needs to have that X-factor that sets it apart, and suits the tune.

If your vocal performance is the best, it will be released on Emery's Five AM Records, credited as Gareth Emery featuring YOU. You'll also receive a whopping £500 advance on the royalties, and a news story in DJmag. When your version and a cappella are ready to roll, you can either upload them directly to or send them through via email - further details will be available on the site. Closing date is 23rd October. You've gotta be in it to win it!