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Goldie interview

Drum and bass don talks about 'FabricLive 58'

As colourful as the canvases he paints every morning, Goldie is one of dance music's most irrepressible characters.

With a CV that covers conductor, ballroom dancer and actor, he's turned his hand to a number of careers over the years but on 'FabricLive 58' (out now) he comes back to what he does best, putting together a full-on dancefloor mix of drum and bass that harks back to its late '90s/early '00s sound. 

A stunning return to form that includes plenty of hot new cuts from Metalheadz, Goldie’s long-running label, Jules Hallam caught up with him to talk about DJ authenticity, shaking hands with the queen and having the best time of his life at 45.