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Gorillaz announce new album, ‘The Now Now’: Listen

Damon Albarn and co's sixth full-length will land on 29th June...

Gorillaz have revealed their new album, titled ‘The Now Now’, will land on 29th June. You can watch a teaser of the first music from it below.

Damon Albarn’s illustrated project with Jamie Hewlett first confirmed they would be releasing new music in 2018 at the end of last year (December), before hitting the headlines when a copy of the group’s unreleased album in the back of a taxi.

Over the weekend, at All Points East festival at Victoria Park in London, a series of cryptic posters that read “no more unicorns anymore” bore a web address, The unicorns phrase was recently shown on a t-shirt worn by illustrated Gorillaz member Russell Hobbs in an artwork posted to Instagram by Hewlett.

The website itself plays music, presumed to be a teaser of the forthcoming album, as well as showing the date, 29th June. Now, Hewlett’s wife, Emma de Caunes, has posted on her Instagram stories to confirm the news.

Listen to the teaser of Gorillaz music below, and see a screengrab of de Caunes’ Instagram story underneath.