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Gov Supports Brit Artists

The government has launched a series of initiatives designed to help British music companies break into the US market. It could help Brit dance music labels sell more music to Americans.

The Government has announced plans to help British artists break into the US market.

Although the new initiatives are mainly aimed at major record companies, dance music labels may be able to make use of the new initiatives, to push British dance music in America.

The Government's first initiative will be supporting the largest ever British presence at US music festival 'South by South West' held from 15-19 March.

Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alan Johnson said: "From the Beatles, through David Bowie to Coldplay, the UK music scene has always led the world but we have not always capitalised on our talent to break America.

The UK music scene has always led the world but we have not always capitalised on our talent

Secretary of State Alan Johnson

"I want to ensure that Government works with the industry and our best artists to showcase talent in the US."

The new initiatives include free data on the US music market, available to all British music companies, and the development of a new UK Trade and Industry supported music portal displaying the latest British music specifically aimed at the US market.

Project target America: Goldfrapp

For dance music's small independent labels the initiatives are significant as it will give them free access to research on the US music market.

Usually that sort of information could cost thousands of pounds.

An extensive array of British talent will appear at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, including dance music sensation Goldfrapp.

Trade Minister Ian Pearson said: "There is no doubt that the British music scene is once again riding on the crest of a wave - the British share of UK album sales in 2005 was at its highest since 1998.

"The UK has always been a hotbed for musical talent and it is therefore crucial that the Government continues to support this sector here and abroad.

"If British music succeeds it can also be a key driver of the economy."

Further details about the SXSW festival can be found at