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Gregor Salto coming to England

Nightowl at Pacha, to be exact

The Dutch, it is generally accepted, are latter-day pioneers. Though they’ve never colonised India or ridden a covered wagon to the American West, they’ve done loads in the social policy department, plus it seems like one of the prerequisites for being a top Trance DJ is being Dutch, so it’s not surprising to see a Dutchman making waves in the South American Afro-House scene.

We are speaking, of course, of Gregor Salto, an on-the-rise Housemeister from Holland who’s recently scored a hit in South Africa with South African soul singer Chappell entitled “Your Friend,” and whose EP ‘Horizante’ was released in June and is seeing spins in major clubs.

So what does one do when they’ve got South Africa and The Netherlands effectively conquered? Invade England, of course! He’ll be rocking the decks in Pacha as part of Nightowl’s monthly bi-monthly house night on Saturday 21st August, supported by Nightowl resident DJs Scott Hayhoe, James Murray and Kids of Funk. Tickets are £15 in advance and £20 at the door, so the fiscally minded would be wise to go to and snag their tickets soon.

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