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Hamilton's 'Brainstorm'

Ex-hardcore DJ returns to Ram Records

You may be unfamiliar with the name Hamilton but he has been around since the early days of hardcore under the name DJ Ham.

Now with a name change, Hamilton has been causing quite a fuss on Frequency, Ram’s sister label, so it was only natural that he ended up on Ram itself.

Hamilton's debut for the mothership came in the form of the heavyweight 'Soundboy' which featured on Andy C’s 'Nightlife 5' album, while a 'Soundboy VIP' is included with the Ram 100 digital bundle. If you've been to any Ram nights over the last few months, you will definitely have heard this played out.  

His latest record 'Brainstorm' (out 15th August) is a soundsystem breaking roller with moody atmospherics and a big winding bass which seems to be the trend for the new school of Ram tracks. On the flip Hamilton shows his diversity with 'Echoes' which has warm synthetic pads and rolling breaks reminiscent of old High Contrast.


A.  Hamilton 'Brainstorm'
B.  Hamilton 'Echoes'

RAMM102 - Hamilton - Brainstorm / Echoes by RAM Records