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Hear dance music classics played on a Furby organ from hell

Look Mum No Computer jams out our favourite club classics in this exclusive video...

Picture the scene – a single beam of sunlight slices through the air of a dusty warehouse rave. You’ve been dancing for hours, lost at sea with hundreds of like-minded party people, entranced by the kaleidoscopic music, strobing lights and bangin’ soundsystem.

Eyes closed, you wince as the uninvited daylight breaks you from your musical spell. You peel your eyes open, only to see a choir of 44 Furbys strapped to a wooden organ like a ’90s Frankenstein, a haunted Argos catalogue. 88 eyes calmly blinking back at you; 88 ears ruthlessly waggling in sync. A key is pressed, a shriek rings out and the room is silenced.

It’s the stuff of nightmares. And now it’s real.

Last month, YouTube maestro and soldering ironman Look Mum No Computer created an organ from everyone’s favourite ’90s toy, using custom software and mechanics that allowed him to control the chilling choir from a chromatic keyboard. He also wired in controls for vowels sounds, allowing the Furbys to re-create what sounds kind of like speech, but more like an unsettling warble. The video went viral, but we wondered: ‘What would our favourite dance classics sound like on such a beast?’ After reaching out to Sam Battle, we wondered no more.

You can hear the results in our exclusive video below, and make sure you follow Sam on YouTube for more custom electronic goodness.