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Here’s how to make your own DIY drum sequencer

Spend ten minutes to save some cash...

Not all electronic producers are fortunate enough to have excess amounts of cash or credit for new gear. So, a resourceful builder has shared a 10-minute DIY drum sequencer video to aid similarly cash-strapped artists.

The video, from clever Youtuber Look Mum No Computer, uses 15 easily-acquired components to build a six-channel drum trigger sequencer. The channel’s Sam Battle pairs the sequencer with a DIY WAV-trigger; however, that build-out footage is only available via Patreon.

Battle then connects the boxes to an Arturia Minibrute 2S to complete the system.

For those needing a home for their new sequencer, consider some IKEA furnishings.

Watch the video and find some inspiration for your next DIY project below: