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Here’s a list of ‘90s trance that sounds better slowed down

Turning trance on its head with wicked results…

Trance, as we know, is usually intended to be enjoyed fast, loud and with a fair amount of zeal.

Sometimes though, it’s more fun to manipulate the tracks you’ve got to create something totally different using just the slightest of changes.

In a recent piece with Telekom Electronic Beats, one of our favourites, Vladimir Ivkovic,  provided a neat list of ‘90s trance records that he likes to play at half the speed so that they sit perfectly in his notoriously sludgy, downbeat, no-wave and drone laden sets.

Dropping the speed and pitch of these speedy gems from 45 rpm to 33 rpm brings an EBM edge to their sound, giving them a new lease of life on underground  dancefloors thanks to the wiley approach of the Salon de Amateurs graduate and regular Lena Willikens collaborator.

The list include tracks by Psychaos, Astral Projection and more. Why not start thinking of some of your own trance records you might want to try the trick with?

 (Photo: Albert Tusell at OFFSónar)