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‘High Definition Vinyl’ could be a reality by 2019

The future for audiophiles... 

‘High Definition Vinyl’ might be here as soon as 2019, according to Austrian startup Rebeat Innovation, which claims it could have units shpiping by next year following a $4.8million investment. 

Two years ago, a European patent filing described a new method of producing black plastic which would offer a higher audio fidelity and louder volume. Now this looks set to become a reality. 

The manufacturing process involves less loss of quality and more precision by converting audio to a 3D topographic map, using lasers to inscribe this onto a ‘stamper’, which in turn cuts the sound onto the record. 

According to Gunter Loibl, CEO at Rebeat Innovation, the records can offer 30% longer playing times and a 30% improvement to amplitude, resulting in a more faithful reproduction of sonics.

Fewer chemicals associated with record production are required, too, and the new HD vinyl will still play on regular turntables. The news comes as vinyl sales continue to soar in countries such as the U.K., spurring on a comeback for the old Record Token scheme at independent stores, while market-leading brand Technics recently unveiled two new models of decks— the ultra-high end SL1000R and SP-10R