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Huge open air rave set for German industrial park

Presented by Telekom Electronic Beats, the dystopian-looking industrial landmark Landschaftspark Duisborg-Nord will host one hell of a party this June...

There's a massive rave in the works for the German industrial park Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord on 16th June. 

Presented by Telekom Electronic Beats in collaboration with Essen-based promoters, The Third Room, the open-air event takes place on the grounds of a dystopian-looking industrial park near Duisburg in west Germany. The landmark, which stopped operating as a coal and steel production plant in 1985 before being converted into a public park in 1991 with the intention of educating visitors about the region's hugely significant industrial history. 

Very little information about this party aside from its cyberpunk suitable location but more details are set to be announced soon. Recent bookings from The Third Room include the likes of FJAAK, Helena Hauff and Inga Mauer. 

This, of course, isn't the only open-air dance event to be hosted on former industrial German land. Melt festival is returning for its 21st outing this July and the line-up is frankly ludicrous. In London, the amazing Printworks – an old newspaper printing facility – will return for its third season in March.