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Ibiza afterhours ban

After-hours clubbing takes a battering in Ibiza crackdown

Ibizan authorities have cracked down on after-hours parties on the island. Clubs like DC10 will be forced to close their doors between 6am–10am after new legislation ruled that the after party culture in Ibiza was proving detrimental to residents and tourists alike.

The Consell Insular d'Evissa - a regional council on the island - consider the late clubbing to be a disturbance, and the new ban will soon be enforced in the Sant Josep area, home to clubs such as Space, Bora Bora and DC10. The new ruling appears to follow the lead of the authorities in San Antonio, where after parties have been illegal for some time. It's the latest example of the Ibizan government's uneasy relationship with the island's reputation as the world's clubbing Mecca.

Drugs are largely blamed for the flexing of legal muscle. In 2007, Bora Bora and Amnesia were forced to close their doors for a month, and DC10 for two, in response to the alleged relaxed attitude towards drug use in the venues. Amnesia was also fined the equivalent of £4,000.