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Ibiza authorities investigating go-go dancers impersonating police at Pacha reopening party

Pacha's go-go dancers could be in hot water...

Pacha could be in hot water after two go-go dancers were seen impersonating Police officers, which is against the law in Spain and can carry a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

The bizarre incident happened during Pacha’s reopening party on 4th May when the club celebrated its first night since its recent refurbishment.

According to El Mundo, two men dressed as policemen led a group of VIPs from the nearby Pacha Hotel to the club stopping traffic in the process.

Once inside, the two impersonators jumped up on stage and ordered the music to be turned off. Obviously, that didn’t go down to well with the 5,000 punters inside who began whistling and booing. Eventually, the music returned and the policemen began dancing.

It turns out that two real Police officers, who were inside the club, saw the whole incident and have since reported it to local authorities, with local citizen group EPIC demanding the Pacha apologise for the PR stunt.

"What happened that night concerns us," reads a statement from local citizens group EPIC. "Usually when someone is dressed up, you notice straight away, but in this case that didn't happen, so everyone at the party initially believed that the two young men, who turned out to be go-go dancers, were really policemen.

"It's particularly serious given that members of the local council were present and did nothing to stop it from happening. This wasn't just a crime; it was a shameful joke at the expense of the police, whom we should respect."

Pacha has since responded, stating that the uniforms were made by the club's costume department and were not real. They also revealed that the same uniforms had been used before with no issues.

The world-famous club has been given a new look during the offseason after securing No. 8 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll in 2017.

Via El Mundo