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Ibiza hotels dropping prices by 40% as bookings see huge dip

Could it be the end of an era?

A number of hotels in Ibiza have slashed their prices in response to a lack of demand from tourists during this year’s high season months.

As Diario de Ibiza reports, sales of hotel rooms on the White Isle have been poor across the season’s early months of April, May and June. 

“We are going downhill and on skates,” the island’s manager of Tourism Promotion, Ángeles Nogales, is quoted as saying [translated from Spanish]. He adds that sales of hotel rooms on the island through last month echoed similarly poor figures from June 2017.

“For July and August, 30 and 40% offers are being applied,” Nogales says, with many of those discounts being applied via agencies such as

He adds that the level of discounts being applied to rooms on the island is heavily dependent on the region, with areas such as San Antonio, which are largely popular with tourists, seeing the biggest drops in prices. 

He anticipates that next year will be worse for the island’s tourism industry, with some companies planning to operate for only five months instead of the usual seven in 2019 during the island’s high season. 

The lack of demand from tourists for hotel rooms on the island comes amid increasing ticket and drinks prices at the most popular clubs, with costs soaring year-on-year. If you’re looking to save some money on a trip to the island, perhaps now might be the best time though as hotel owners rush to sell empty rooms. 

This news comes just a few months after Ibiza's Town Council implemented a new law which sought to severely restrict the use of Airbnb and similar holiday accommodation platforms on the island.

Words: Christian Eade