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Ibizan clubs closed

The Ibizan government has forced three of the island's biggest clubs to close.

DC10 and Bora Bora have been ordered to shut their doors, with Amnesia also ordered to remain closed (it was scheduled to open for the summer season on 16th June.)
The government said that they had been forced to act after reports from the Guardia Civil, which alleged that drugs had been used and sold in the clubs for the past two seasons and that the clubs had done nothing to curb it.

DC10 was shut down for two months, with Amnesia and Bora Bora both closed for one month. The closures are designed to pressurize the clubs into addressing the alleged drug taking on their premises.
Andrea Pelino of Circo Loco, the famed DC10 event, commented: "The government has said that the clubs have to shut down because people can bring drugs inside. Inside the club people are there to enjoy the music and enjoy the party. You can't control people and what they do."

The police claimed that during the summer season's opening weekend, 450 people were found in possession of illegal substances - only a fraction of the 30,000 people who attended the Space and DC10 opening parties alone.