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IKEA wardrobe transformed into epic home modular set-up: WATCH

Tidy up that synth mess...

IKEA has unknowingly offered modular synth artists and collectors a customizable, affordable and effective means to store that bulky set-up for the next session. One such artist saved his peers the pains of extended IKEA builds by documenting the process.  

IKEA’s PAX wardrobe model, which is customizable beginning at $325.00, was designed from the floor up by The Tuesday Night Machines’  Felix to house his impressive collection of modular synths.

With the primary portion of the wardrobe dedicated to his Serge system and Klangbau Köln Eurorack, the shelving is reserved for smaller synths including a Tinysizer and a controller. The wardrobe’s internal sliding racks and drawers allow for the easy-to-reach storage of synths as well as the system's many cables and accessories.       

While tightly confined, the builder does not that heat shouldn’t be an issue within the “Western European” climate.

Felix further breaks down the process, with tips and photos, to assist keen artists and collectors here.

Thinking of a smaller set-up? Check out the system Caitlin designed.

For the avid music consumer, IKEA’s “portable party products” are due out in early 2019.  

Check out the final PAX transformation via the video helow: