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Industry Competition

An apparel launch from hot tech-house imprint.

There's none so fine as a force on a trajectory. Immigrant Industries founder Robin Porter took his design capabilities to California, made his mark with the likes of Stussy, Quicksilver, Volcom and 55DSL. He then set up a forward-thinking tech-house label, opened offices in New York, London and Manchester and most recently set his sights on producing a tight collection of classy apparel that is right up DJ Magazine's avenue. We're suitable impressed and a just a tad excited by it.

Choice pieces include yarn dyed knit tops, custom fleece, lightweight jackets and screen printed t-shirts that shout 'hey DJ!' in our lugholes.

We've very kindly been given 5 'Detroit' tees to give away, on a, shall we say, first come first served basis? Emails and postcards on stun. or DJ Magazine, Immigrant Comp, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL. Word up!