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Intec Allstars takeover the whole of Fabric...

Intec's revival has already brought with it tunes from Carlio Lio, Nicole Moudaber, Mark Fanciulli and Marco Bailey, to name only a few. Last year also saw the label's 50th release, which came from the big man behind the brand, Carl Cox, who's reinvigorated the label he first started in 1999 alongside Jon Rundell following a six-year hiatus. Re-launching as Intec Digital in 2012 with a USB album release from Carl, the techno label's reconnection with the digital savvy generation has been an impressive one.

They know a thing or two about throwing parties too. While Carl is still a mainstay at Space Ibiza, entering the 14th year of his Revolution residency in 2015, Intec has been touring in its own right. After relaunching at XOYO, it has invaded Ibiza, Amsterdam, Madrid, Switzerland and BPM Mexico, and it returns to London this Easter with a mammoth event at Fabric after taking over Room 1 at the same time last year, with just Carl and Jon on the bill.

This time, however, they'll have a few friends in tow, with label-mates Monika Kruse, Marco Bailey, Carlio Lio and Harvey McKay. As we all know, the most important thing about a party (apart from the music, of course) is the crowd. Inner City might have said you don't necessarily need one to have 'Big Fun', but the Intec family don't have to worry about that. The place is going to be rammed!


I’m a firm believer that people make the party. You can throw a party anywhere, whether it’s a massive club, a tiny one, a house, a field… but if don’t have the people up for it — it ain’t gonna happen. You also need a good soundsystem, food, and drink to loosen people up.
And don’t put a time limit on the party. There’s nothing worse than the lights coming up when it’s still banging, a good party is one that can go on as long as it needs to.”

One of the most important things for me is the sound. You have to make sure you have a great soundsystem. Organisation is important too, and safety. You want people to lose themselves in the music, and forget about the week they've just had. If everything's well-organised, safe, and the soundsystem is good, then you just need a good DJ and you're all set.”

It's all about atmosphere. A great party for me is when you can feel the energy between the DJ and the crowd, and you know people will go home with great memories. So it makes a difference if you've got a clued-up crowd who understand the music that the DJ brings — so you can come together and have a great time. And of course the soundsystem has to be on the right force to feel the energy of the music.”

You can catch Carl Cox & Jon Rundell live from our office on the 2nd of April