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International Women’s Day: 15 unforgettable mixes from the DJ Mag archive

 15 immense mixes from K-Hand, Sherelle, object blue, Kampire, Minimal Violence, Noncompliant, ELLLL and more...

Through our Fresh Kicks, Recognise and Podcast mix series we’ve been privileged enough in the past year or so to feature a plethora of incredible artists and DJs.

For International Women's Day, we've gone through our archive to revisit and celebrate just some of our absolute favourite mixes from the past 12 months. With everything from hammering techno and infectious house to breakneck jungle, footwork and experimentalism you're sure to find more than enough gold to soundtrack your weekend and far beyond in the selection below.

Our Fresh Kicks series for brand new talent saw the likes of sound designer extraordinaire object blue and breakthrough superstar Sherelle introducing themselves with with unshakeable intent. Meanwhile, femme culture members Elkka and Ehua flanked their breakthrough label win at DJ Mag’s Best of British Awards with two mixes of fiery percussion and UK bass.

In our Recognise series, Elena Colombi and Zozo both traversed psychedelic EBM and techno while the mighty Djinn delivered an impeccable hour of frenzied jungle.

In our Podcast series, the likes of K-Hand, Noncompliant, Lakuti, Paramida and others sent over mixes that rarely go a week without being blared through the office speakers at DJ Mag HQ.

Check out the selection of killer mixes below, and our selection 10 unforgettable DJ Mag live streams here. And you can always dig through our Soundcloud archive to find counltess other mixes by a wide array of incredible DJs. 

Fresh Kicks 66: Sherelle

Recognise 003: Elena Colombi

Podcast 100: Noncompliant

Fresh Kicks 64: object blue

Recognise 006: Djinn

Podcast 99: K-Hand 

Fresh Kicks 81: ELLLL

Recognise 011: Zozo

Podcast 89: Paramida 

Fresh Kicks 65: Elkka

Podcast 113: Lakuti

Fresh Kicks 86: Kampire

 Podcast 104: Kate NV

Fresh Kicks 91: Ehua 

Podcast 95: Minimal Violence