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New flagship studio controller from NI

Native Instruments have announced an all-new flagship controller and totally revamped software to their Maschine range of controllers. Maschine STUDIO is the new flagship groove production studio powered by Maschine 2.0, the next generation of Maschine software. 

Maschine Studio has a larger footprint than the original hardware and offers even more hands-on control over Native's Maschine and Komplete software. The new Maschine Studio now comes with two hi-resolution colour displays allowing detailed visual feedback directly from the hardware.

The extra knobs, pads and buttons provide complete hands on control over virtually all software functions. The workflow is based around 16 highly-responsive multi-colour backlit pads. A new Edit Section with jog wheel and a new Level Section all contribute towards making this a powerhouse of a production system.

The jog wheel allows quick adjustments to volume, tempo, and swing settings, and speeds up browsing and editing. The Level Section provides a convenient volume knob and a multi-purpose meter display for master, group, sound, and cue levels plus monitoring for up to four selectable input sources when a multi-channel audio interface is connected.

Dedicated control buttons allow fast switching between Maschine STUDIO's sampler, arranger, mixer, and browser, and provide direct access to channel settings and an all-new plug-in strip. When editing samples or working in Maschine's clip-based pattern sequencer, the two new displays show an overview of the full selection on the left screen while the right screen allows for detailed fine-tuning when slicing, editing, and composing. When browsing, the displays provide easy navigation and selection of projects, groups, sounds, instruments, effects, and samples with KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects product icons visible directly from the hardware.

In keeping with the rest of the Maschine range Maschine Studio combines the best of hardware with the best of software all in one unit.

The reprogrammed Maschine 2.0 software features a whole load of new features including a new mixer page and dynamic drum synth plug-ins. The drum plug-ins are capable of a wide range of sounds from crisp and digital, to warm and analog, featuring accurate acoustic-sounding drums. Because they are based on synthesis, producers have a refined level of control over the sound of each drum. Not only are these plug-ins fully-adjustable and automatable directly from the Maschine hardware, they now add a signature sound aesthetic to the world of Maschine.

Maschine Studio will be available at the NI Online Shop from November 1, 2013 priced €999 Maschine 2.0 will be included with Maschine STUDIO and all Maschine and Maschine MIKRO products shipping on or after November 1, 2013.